Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eco-Friendly Printing Related Service

Have you ever had the task of putting a booklet together? It might have been a conference program, a seminar handout, an auction catalog or a company brochure. I always found booklet printing, whether catalogs, brochures and programs, to be an expensive and time-consuming proposition.

Deciding on text size and graphic layout, selecting paper weight and ink colors, choosing booklet size and fold, and developing a mailing list, sorting and mailing--are all steps in the process of printing. Whew! All this work and we have not written any content!

PsPrint.comMore than 70 top-quality and eco-friendly printed products
and related mailing services are available online at is a full-service online printing service that offers many services to help you save time, money and resources.

  • Save money with PsPrint tools and build a custom mailing list that matches your exact criteria.

  • Save time with PsPrint mailing services, so your booklet is mailed when it is finished.

  • Save resources with free templates from PsPrint that work well with Adobe design products and Quark Express.

  • Save the environment! PsPrint offers recycled paper stock and soy-based inks. They also recycle 100 percent of their waste stream.

PsPrint offers integrated marketing and direct mail services, as well as high-quality printing products. Whether you need banners for your sales booth, business cards for your sales people or bumper stickers for your family, PsPrint will help you.


Mubashar said...

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daniel hirsch said...

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