Friday, May 1, 2009

April Top Droppers on CoolAdzine

Below is a listing of the top droppers on this blog in April. While I was unable to drop on them, they continued to drop on me. They have my sincere thanks. Through this post, they all have a "do follow" link from me.

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KuTenk 2000 - Learning Corner - Get Free Knowledge and PDF EBook Download.

The Pond - A mom of grown children who talks about everyday things such as quilting, books, movies, travel and owning a small business.

Learning How To Make Money Online - Learn How To Make Money Online

Swirling Thoughts - Critical political views and swirling thoughts on life in retrospect as one approaches the golden age


Odzyskiwanie Danych said...

Congrats to everyone. Nice to see some familiar faces here.

Karen said...

Thank you so much for the linky love! How many years have we been blogging together now?

Dapat Duit Tanpa Modal said...

Thanks for post the link

CyberCelt said...

@odzy-Thanks for stopping by. I followed you to your blog, but I could not read it.

@karen-Oh, no, do not go there. Was it Blog Village or Blog Explosion?

@dapat-Appreciate your comment. I followed you to your blog, but I could not read it.

Amostras said...

Excellents links.
Thanks informations.


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