Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bingahoo? Yabing? Bingahooy?

I did not write a post on this before because MSN and Yahoo have negotiated the deal to death in the past. However, it looks like Bing may become the search engine for Yahoo. Then, perhaps Bing/Yahoo (Bingahoo? Yabing? Bingahooy?) will be a real competitor to Google.

Do You Bing? Yahooers May Soon Search With Microsoft - Advertising Age - Digital
From the article:
Yahoo's request for an upfront payment (it is said to have asked for several hundred million), in addition to revenue guarantees that would amount to billions over the course of the deal, caused a breakdown last week in the on-again-off-again talks.
Other issues to be worked out are:
  • Microsoft wants to develop technology and not sell media.
  • Microsoft wants to eliminate Yahoo as a search engine competitor.
  • Yahoo wants more revenue from searches that originate on Yahoo and lead to a purchase.
  • Yahoo wants access to data for use in behavioral targeting.
  • Yahoo wants a share of revenue from the sale of search ads.
  • Will Yahoo give Bing the "powered by" brand?
  • Would advertisers buy ads via Yahoo's Panama or Microsoft's AdCenter platform?
I hope they can reach an agreement soon. Yahoo! is stagnating as a search engine and losing marketshare to Bing. If negotiations bog down again, the winner will be Google.


Master And Student said...

Bingoo ! that would be a good search engine competition :)

A Mans Life said...

WILL YAHOO MAKE A COMEBACK?! ALONG WITH MICROSOFT?! http://askthecollegekid.blogspot.com/

ddadmin said...

Wow! Finally Microsoft has reached a deal Yahoo for an internet search partnership. Will the newly announced deal between giants Microsoft and Yahoo be a good thing? Got to wait and see. But atleast Microsoft and Yahoo deal is straightforward and not complex at all and ofcourse, the negotiation talks have been going for long. I was just curious to know all the past negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo so collected all the articles and links (more than 200) related to the current merger and the previous events or negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo. If you are interested check the link below.

Karl Foxley said...

I'm watching this one closely.. I can see a partnership being of great benefit to both companies but also the end user.

We'll just have to wait and see.


CyberCelt said...

@all-Thank you for stopping by and making meantingful comments. I appreciate it.

kevin99 said...

I too believe this partnership it's good for us -the users! I strongly believe that Bing will keep it's name! We'll be too much confusion for the end users to change it.


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