Saturday, July 25, 2009

Get the Backlink You Wanted

This is a repost from June 2008 (Backlink as you Like It). I have lots of people searching and commenting on the old message, so I thought I would update it. Blogger is now Google, so you must login to your blog using your Google account.

I am a do-follow blogger. I have edited my template so that readers who comment on my blog posts receive a backlink. However, with Google blogs, you must choose your identity carefully to receive a proper link back.

If you are signed into Google, as shown above, your link will go to your Blogger profile and not to your blog. So, make sure your profile is up to date or read on about leaving links by other methods. Notice the check box where you may choose to have comments on this post emailed to you.

If you use OpenID for WordPress (as shown above) or LiveJournal, your comment will link back to your Word Press blog. If you use OpenID, OpenID for TypeKey or OpenID for AIM, your backlink leads to your profile page for that particular service.

The option to leave your name and URL, as shown above, is best, but not all bloggers offer this option. If you are offered this option, take it, but do not spam. Leave a relevant comment, then type your name and your URL in the spaces provided.

Using anonymous to sign your comment means that you can give as much or as little information as you wish. However, you may add your name and a link at the bottom of your relevant comment. See following example.

If you do not code your URL in HTML, it will show up as plain text. See the difference between CyberCelt and blog URL above.

How do you receive a backlink on a do follow Google blog?

  • Leave a thoughtful comment that is pertinent to the blog post;
  • Use the Name/URL option; or
  • Use OpenID option; or,
  • Use the Anonymous option, sign your post and add URL coded in HTML
How do you get your comment deleted?
  • Leave a comment that is words copied from the blog post;
  • Leave a lame comment like, "Good job";
  • Leave a comment asking for a link;
  • Leave the same comment (cut and pasted) every time;
  • Use a name like UsedCarSales, ChicagoRentals, CheapTravel, etc.;
  • Leave a URL for a site that is not a blog, but a website, affiliate site, etc.
  • Comment on old posts in the hopes that the blogger will not check them.
I hope this helps you understand Google do follow blogs a little better. Remember, the blogger chooses to give backlinks, you cannot scam them. They will be deleted.


Mom said...

Yes, this was a very useful article for me. I made minor adjustments to how I leave my comments. It takes only an extra few seconds, but the benefits will be extraordinary. I wish I had found this information a year and a half ago when I first started blogging. I feel as though I wasted a great deal of time and effort by commenting the old way.

CyberCelt said...

@mom-blogging is not JUST about backlinks. Commenting is the way to connect on the blogosphere. All the best.

Emma said...

Your information help me a lot with my site.Thanks!

LisaAuch said...

I must admit, if there ws one thing I wished someone would have told me when I started out online, it was regarding backlinks, backlinks, is a pain but a necessity, what a great idea this post is!
I had to disect what backlinking was....i had heard about it But i just did not understand it, and it is so easy for newbies to be caught up in the "get 1,000's of links for free" that end up useless, when really their time is better spent, reading and researching, great proper and ethical methods. Great posts about ethical backlinking.


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