Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Boomers Hard to Categorize

MediaPost Publications Meet the Boomers 03/08/2010
The Baby Boom generation is classified as people born between 1946 and 1964, meaning the oldest Baby Boomers turn 65 in 2011.
So, the Boomers soon will be classified as seniors. Dr. Bob Deutsch of marketing firm Brain Sells says understanding the following three basic life structures is critical to capturing the Boomer market:
  • Baby Boomers are survivors.
  • Boomers offer new opportunities for purveyors of finance, health care, and personal care.

  • Nostalgia should be considered to attract Boomers.
As a Boomer, I would agree with the first two points, but I hate the way songs of my generation are now used in commercials. I do not like the scenes of Woodstock or peace-sign painted VW buses used to show me how unique I am.

Key Boomer attitudes and perceptions that are important for marketers, says Deutsch:
  • Boomers are authentic. Versus what, plastic?
  • For Boomers, process is at least as important as the end result. We hate committees.
  • Boomers like to inspire others. We like to think we do.
  • Boomers have been around long enough to know there are few absolutes. Good and evil are two.
  • Accentuate personal style. Leave off the tie-dye and My Generation (Who) soundtrack.
  • Boomers are oriented to the human dimension and see humor in most situations. We laugh not to cry.
  • Boomers do not like feeling trapped or conned and being thought of as one of the masses. We are the largest generational group born in the America--ever. We grew up being stuffed into classrooms.
  • Boomers are both creative and conservative. I think this scenario is an either/or.
  • Boomers go for what gives voice to things they are thinking and feeling. Drop the fiber and diaper commercials and infomercials.
  • Boomers respond to people that listen and, therefore, understand. Duh!
Companies to be transparent and honest about their efforts to conduct environmentally sustainable business practices and genuinely collaborate with their customers rather than try to dictate to them. I think all generations would appreciate this.

Any thoughts?


Dan said...

Every generation has its peculiarities, and i can see why they are so important for a marketer and even advertising man. You need to understand to whom you are selling! About the list of peculiarities...it's more general than particular.

Anonymous said...

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Wäschekorb said...

the silliest get the most children

Güzel Sözler said...

Thanks! It’s a good resource and I have saved it to my favorites list and I’ll be sure to visit time and again. Great post


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