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Etiquette Needed In Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

A report from Exact Target and CoTweet, called The Social Breakup, explores the reasons why and actions by which members terminate relationships developed by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Email Marketing Facts
  • 95% of U.S. online consumers use email
  • 93% of U.S. online consumers are SUBSCRIBERS and receive at least one permission-based email per day
  • 83% of U.S. online consumers say they check email at least once per day
  • 64% say they check email several times per day
  • 70% say they always open emails from their favorite companies
  • 77% of U.S. online consumers say they are more cautious about giving companies their email address over the past year.
  • 91% of email users have subscribed to a company’s email and then later decided they no
    longer want to receive the emails
  • 18% say they never open email from companies
  • 23% of subscribers will continually delete or ignore email from companies with whom they no longer wish to interact, rather than making the effort to unsubscribe or hit the spam button.
Why We Unsubscribe
  • 54% of e-mails came too frequently
  • 49% say the content became repetitive or boring over time
  • 47% receive too many emails and needed to get off some companies' lists
  • 25% feel the content wasn't relevant from the start
  • 24% prefer to seek out information instead of having companies push it
  • 22% signed up for a one-time offer
  • 13% say that their circumstances changed (i.e., moved, married, changed job, etc.)
  • 8% switched to another company that provided better information
  • 6% found they could get the information another way (e.g., via blogs, Facebook, etc.)
How We Unsubscribe
  • 67% Click the link to "unsubscribe"
  • 17% Delete emails when they arrive
  • 8% Click the "spam" or "junk" button
  • 6% Just ignore the emails
  • 2% Setup a filter in email program

Facebook Facts
  • 73% of U.S. online consumers have created a profile on Facebook
  • 65% of U.S. online consumers are currently active on Facebook
  • 42% of U.S. online consumers are FANS (have “liked” at least one company)
  • 64% of Facebook users are “FANS” (have “liked” a company on Facebook)
  • 84% of Facebook users check Facebook at least once per week
  • 68% of Facebook users check Facebook at least once per day
  • 55% of Facebook users have “liked” a company and then no longer wanted to see that company’s posts
  • 51% of FANS say they rarely or never visit a company’s page after “liking” them
  • 71% of FANS say they have become more selective about “liking” companies on Facebook
  • 11% of people who created a Facebook account have stopped using Facebook
Why We Unlike Companies on Facebook:
  • 44% say that the company posted too frequently
  • 43% feel that their wall was becoming too crowded with marketing posts
  • 38% say the content became repetitive or boring over time
  • 26% say they only "liked" the company to take advantage of a one-time offer
  • 24% decided that the company didn't offer enough deals
  • 24% feel that the posts were too promotional
  • 19% say that the content wasn't relevant from the start
  • 17% describe the company's posts as too chit-chatty; not focused on real value
  • 14% prefer to seek out information instead of having companies push it
  • 12% say personal circumstances changed
Twitter Facts
  • 17% of U.S. online consumers have created a Twitter account
  • 9% of U.S. online consumers are currently active on Twitter
  • 5% of U.S. online consumers are FOLLOWERS (have “followed” at least one company)
  • 56% of active Twitter users are FOLLOWERS
  • 64% of active Twitter users check Twitter at least once per day
  • 48% check Twitter several times per day
  • 71% of FOLLOWERS expect to receive marketing messages from companies
  • 41% of Twitter users have “followed” a company on Twitter and then stopped following
  • 47% of those who created a Twitter account are no longer active on Twitter
Reasons People Walk Away From Twitter
  • 52% found Twitter to be pointless
  • 38% said it got boring
  • 23% think Twitter is too chaotic

Most relationships come to an end and online consumer-brand relationships are no exception. Whether forged through email, FaceBook or Twitter, if communications demonstrate the company does not respect or care for the subscriber, the relationship is over.
  • Consumers want brands to e-mail them relevant content. They expect marketers to honor permissions, and show restraint when it comes to email frequency. They measure your emails against the best senders in their inbox.

  • Consumers use Facebook to engage with brands they know and trust. They expect marketers to keep their Facebook pages fresh and interesting, and to limit their posts.

  • Consumers who actively use Twitter expect frequent, focused Tweets from brands. They expect to receive prompt answers when they ask questions via Twitter.
Download the entire report in PDF here.


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