Friday, February 18, 2011

Essentials of Online Marketing

I am reading The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing, written by Lorrie Thomas, M.A., a marketing strategist, educator, writer, trainer and speaker.

Ms. Thomas is the CEO of Web Marketing Therapy, a marketing agency. What I really like about Lorrie is that she gained her marketing muscles in the trenches, having no formal training in online marketing when she began her career on the founding team of ValueClick.

Ms. Thomas defines online marketing, e-marketing, web marketing and Internet marketing as "using the World Wide Web to market products or services." This book is a how-to guide on planning and building a website, writing and managing content, analyzing and optimizing the web site, blogging, and marketing using social media, search engines and email.

Lorrie Thomas states, "the key goal of online marketing is to maximize relationships, starting with increasing awareness." Throughout the guide, she emphasizes relationships, even coining an acronym, P2P (people to people), to demonstrate her marketing philosophy.

Each chapter in this book has a questionnaire at the end of the chapter. After finishing the book, you may earn a Certificate of Achievements by completing the final exam.

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Jeff | AdEx said...

Thanks for sharing the info on this book. And how do you find it? What do you find the most valuable in it?

Rozzy said...

I used to read McGraw-Hill books also because of well-explained courses. And I agree with you, customer awareness should be considered first. In what they are looking for so that we can deliver it to them right away. It is important to know the people and the market. Thanks for sharing.

james039 said...

thank's for sharing info ... is ther more info on this topic ???


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