Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Passwords 101

Passwords : Privacy : Protection : PITA*

Have you noticed the upswing in numbers of websites asking you to change your password? I hate this process, but I know it is necessary for security. If someone did not make me change my password, I would never change it.


Your password should:
  • contain special characters such as @#$%.
  • be at least eight characters long.
  • contain a variety of capital and lower case letters.
Your password should NOT contain common words such as "password," your user name, your daughter's birthday, your nickname and date of birth, your pet's name. your branch of service or any words that can be found in the dictionary in any language.

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*PITA=pain in the *ss.


Mia said...

I tend to make my pass easy to remember by making them very personal: my middle name...etc, but I know that this isn't very safe, and if I were to insert special characters for sure I would forget.

Social Bookmarking Sharing said...

I thinks it very important to create password that are little complicated to guess or detect because their are instances that passwords are easily hacked because of its simplicity. So, keep in mine that your privacy must be at the top of your objective.

sulesin said...

Interesting. And I use the word in the language that is rarely found in the internet. Its no in Latin script.

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Busana Muslim said...

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