Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you want to save time and money? Buy prescription eyeglasses online.

I read an article and watched the accompanying video about buying prescription eyeglasses online. The article is on the website of WZZM 13 ABC. The article mirrored the video and acknowledged is an online store from which you could safely purchase prescription eyewear.

In the article and video, both which are available under the SuperSaver tag ("Channel 13 on your side"), the investigators found a woman who ordered glasses from and was very happy with the results. The TV team took the eyeglasses to a local optician to have the frames and prescription checked. The axis on the eyeglasses was off by one digit, but the optician said it was well with normal limits. Evidently, the optician is aware of his online competition, but really cannot beat their prices. He did mention that online stores do not have to offer customer service, nor do they have overhead.

I have heard of before, but have not made the commitment to book an eye exam for a new prescription. My current prescription eyeglasses are about five years old. I think it is time to splurge on new eyeglasses and I am going to order them from They are the least expensive, have flat rate shipping and offer a 50 percent refund/30 day policy if you are unhappy with your new glasses. The report discussed two other online optical stores but they were both more expensive than zennioptical.


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