Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CoolAdzine Update

Hello! I am down in Houston for treatment for various ailments that come with growing older. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. My laptop went kaput and I am currently without computer access. There are so many laptops that I am a bit overwhelmed trying to select one. If you have a suggestion based on experience, please leave a comment. As soon as I replace my laptop, I will be back to blogging. Namaste CyberCelt


s1ck said...

well, there are many many laptops. it depends on what you want. if you want mobility, you should choose one with a display size not over 15 inch.
If you only want to surf and blog, then you should choose some lenovo/ibm or dell laptop, they've got a great service and mostly they have a good battery.
Dont choose toshiba, I had two of the same model from toshiba, they all went broken within a month of daily use.

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