Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stay Tuned for Panda 2.2 Algorithm Update

Warning: Major Google Ranking Update “Coming Soon” | ineedhits

Well, the Google gurus are up to it again--changing page rank, discounting or elevating inbound links, comparing content on websites to scraper sites and just basically causing SEO anxiety across the Internet.

I remember when I waited eagerly for each algorithm update and gnashed my teeth when my page rank was reduced, then increased, then reduced again. Back in 2007, Venomous Kate held a spank Google haiku contest.  Here is my winning haiku:

They said “do no harm”
Altruistic brainy boys
Playing with our lives

I was very serious about SEO and page rank.  I finally realized that living your life waiting for page rank updates was taking all the fun out of blogging. I am much more relaxed now.

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Alex said...

Re-counting various web-indicators may seem unbearable if taken too closely. However the right approach speaks in favor of calm waiting. You do everything depending on your opportunities, while the rest of the process runs in accordance with the rules established somewhere on "upper levels". Relax and continue working - results will not be delayed.


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