Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are You Ready for IPv6 Day?

According to Futurity.org, the last IPv4 addresses were allocated in February by The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.  It is not time to panic, yet.  There are still four 1/2 billion free addresses available under IPv4.

Leaving IPv4 Behind

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Global Crossing, Akamai, Limelight and the Internet Society, will enable IPv6 for 24 hours. For a more detailed explanation of IPv6, please view this post from February.

Remember, this is a 24-hour test period. I would suggest you spend June 8 exploring the Internet.  I would not suggest engaging in online banking, credit card purchases, software updates or implementing new security software.

Onward to IPv6

IPv6 will allow 1000 trillion trillion IP addresses, so each device on a network will have a separate IP address, allowing enhanced location-based access restrictions and context-aware security.

Before the official roll out, there are many problems to be solved. Security for IPv6 is almost nonexistent.  IPv4 and IPv6 must be compatible during transition. And hundreds of other issues must be resolved . . .

Probably the biggest obstacle to overcome will be with the Federal Trade Commission as they renegotiate the recently mandated privacy laws ;-)


Online Home Inspector said...

IPV4 can theoretically accommodate about 4.3 billion IP addresses (including reserved addresses for technical feedbacks and simulations) which is roughly the current population of the world. IPV6 can, however, handle about 7,000,000,000 trillion IP addresses which can provide more than enough addresses for even generations unborn. This is one of the major advantages of IPV6 over IPV4.

Magix said...

I can't wait to see the new IP's :D
but i heard that Ip v4 has some vulnerabilities...however we'll wait and see:D

s1ck said...

Hello again!

I must say, that many of our hosting customers do not know about ipv6. This standard had so much time to be developed, now that its ready to be used, it does not support the thing we REALLY need: compatibility.
I am very excited about this day, because it's like being thrown into the cold water of a new technique. I bet that many things will go wrong.

kind regards, s1ck

bayilik said...

I can't wait to see the new IP's :D


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