Monday, August 8, 2011

Hubby's Gift

I couldn’t decide what to get my husband for his birthday, mostly because he had just about everything a person could want. If he saw it, he bought it so there was nothing he needed in the way of clothing, books or anything else like that. We had recently redone our backyard to include a really great grill area and it hit me: I’d put in a giant plasma TV! I bought it and a weatherproof box and even subscribed him to satellite from and covered it all with a tarp outside. He was more than excited when I gave it to him and has already been talking about all the great football parties he’s going to have later in the year but if you ask me, he’ll probably just sit out there with a beer watching Jeopardy at night like he loves to do. I like making him happy and I really get a kick out of finding something he doesn’t already have to give him as a gift!

Thanks to Olga Quinn

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Robert Benwell said...

He has "YOU". I think that is a perfect gift that you can ever give to your hubby.


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