Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The're Here: Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs)

  • "What are gTLDs?"
  • "How Can I Make Money from gTLDs?"
  • "Who the h#ll came up with that acronym?"
ICANN will take applications for new gTLDs starting in 2012. However, application costs could exceed $200,000. When researching whether to acquire a gTLD, start with a solid business plan, written and supported by your business and marketing people.

Marketers moving from .com to .brand or .generic, should be careful about the cost of  a gTLD and the SEO consequences.So, right now, look at the money ($200,000+), study your business plan, visit with your ISP and, if you want one, reserve a gTLD. In the mean time, read about how money will be made (or not).

If you want one, reserve a gTLD. At this point in time, no one really knows what to do with the gTLDs.

Stay tuned or explore on your own . . . 

Rob Garner at Search Insider - advice and articles he has written about these domains.
Lydia Leong Technology Spectator - great article, showing a true understanding of the issue.
New gTLDs Practical Guide - the money part
ICANN - history of a process

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