Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DnB NOR: George Clooney, Wedding, Horse Sex, Tatoo You

This is a really different commercial for George Clooney. Reminds me of someone waking up in Las Vegas and saying, "Oh no, tell me I didn't . . ."

Some people are lucky in life=
For the rest of us, saving up can be smart
S for Saving Plan
DnB NOR - Bank from A to Z

Here is another commercial about saving for pensions.  It is as bizarre as the one with Mr. Clooney.

It is a good idea while you are young
To know you will be older later
Save for you pension
DnB NOR - Bank from A to Z

What do you think of these ads. I think they are edgy and catch us off guard. I would never have guessed that either were banking commercials.  That is a good thing!


jullmi said...

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Freshcrop said...

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mohamed said...

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