Monday, October 31, 2011

Eyeglasses as a Fashion Accessory?

My husband and I are really trying to economize. Two adult children have moved back in with us, we are finding it difficult to budget on a monthly basis. I find myself doing without to cover monthly expenditures.

However, I was trying to read the customer service phone number off the back of a credit card and could not do it—with or without my glasses. My eyeglasses are scratched, the finish is tarnished and the prescription does not correct my vision.

It is time to make an appointment to have my eyes examined and send the new prescription in the mail to This way, I can receive new glasses and keep within my budget. The glasses, even for my old eyes, are relatively inexpensive. To sweeten the deal, zennioptical offers flat rate shipping and a 50 percent refund/30 day policy if you are unhappy with your new glasses.

While reading their blog, I was amazed that some people purchase eyeglasses to match their clothing or mood. One woman has 20 pairs of eyeglasses and more coming in the mail. Another woman and her daughter each have 10-12 pairs of eyeglasses. I have never thought of eyeglasses as a fashion accessory, but I am going to start. I have been wearing eyeglasses for over 50 years, so I think I should start to enjoy them. What do you think?

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John said...

Eye glasses... are the most important accessory as they can cover a lot of area which you don't want to show ;)


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