Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Untitled Jersey City Project

This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine.

The Untitled Jersey City Project is an ongoing experiential television drama. You may view eight short episodes on YouTube. I viewed episode one and it was action-packed.

The first scenes of the first episode show New York City and New Jersey waterfronts as you will never see them: quiet, deserted and peaceful.  It reminded me of a post-apocolypse city.

Cut to a deserted building site, complete with barbed wire protection, As your perspective changes to a high floor in this building, your attention is riveted by two gunshots.

UNT_091311_Title_bmb_v01.ai (1 page)

Moving perspective again, you are standing on the sidewalk with a body falling toward you from the top of the building. You do not see the body hit, thank goodness.

Seque to Frank, a young architect, who does not answer his cell phone because his libido gets in the way.  When he finally does answer the phone, he is told by Ray, that his associate is lying in a pool of blood in front of the project.

As if to make up for his dilly-dallying earlier, Frank breaks all records getting to the murder site. In fact, when he pulls up to the building he has a police escort!

I think this Jersey City Project may be a good series if it makes it off YouTube. If you watch one of the  videos, stop back by and let me know your thoughts on the video you watched in the comments.

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sheds to live in said...

you are standing on the sidewalk with a body dropping in the direction of you from the peak of the building. You manage not glimpse the body strike, express gratitude goodness.


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