Monday, January 23, 2012

Will That App Kill Your Phone?

Apps and widgets for smart phones have proliferated, with over half a million available for the iPhone alone. However, with the apps come danger from criminals  determined to ruin your day and kill your phone.
You can protect yourself and your Android™, iPhone® or Windows® Phone. So before you casually download your next app or widget, think about it.

Who Wrote the App or From Where Did it Come?
Apps are built by anyone, including a cyber thief with malicious intent.Stop and think before you hit the DOWNLOAD button. Are you downloading app from an official site of the platform your phone uses?  Is the app highly rated and downloaded often?
2) Avoid Peer-to-Peer Networks
File sharing websites are more prone to distributing malware and Trojan horses. You may think downloaded the app from a p2p site is going to save you money But, if you cannot resist saving a buck by grabbing an app or widget from a p2p network, be very careful. You may just kill your phone.
3) Read the fine print.
When you download an app, you may be asked to give the developer permission for such activities as preventing the phone from sleeping, allowing the phone to read data on who called from where  or accessing to the phone’s Internet connection.Read the contract. Otherwise, you may find a huge data or text phone bill next month.

4) Protect your devices.

Stay ahead of the bad guys. Research and visit related forums and then  download an antivirus program for your smart phone. Make sure you are on the website of the official app shop. Save your apps, your information, your privacy and your phone.
5) Escape the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (pictured above).
I did not know the blue screen of death has still around. Knock on wood, I have not seen one  since I quite using Win-98. When you see this screen, there is nothing left to do with the phone except throw it, stomp on it, throw on the concrete, put it in a compacter, drop it in the toilet, or turn the service off and give the high-priced toy to your  nephew.



Frreedom from Worldliness & Fear said...

Just like on desktop computers, iPhone programs can sometimes crash and lock up your system. These crashes are rare on iPhones, but when they do show up, it's important to know how to kill the app, the expression used with apps for quitting, that's causing the problem.


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