Saturday, September 29, 2012

Using Microsoft Paint and
Microsoft Snipping Tool
for Basic Graphics

Developed by:
Eileen Trainor
Covenant Enterprises


September 27, 2012

In Support of:
Blog Blast For Peace
November 4, 2012

Short Graphics Tutorial

Find Your Tools

Find two programs on your Windows computer: Paint and Snipping Tool. If you have used these before they will be visible on your Start Menu. If not, go to Start Menu → All Programs → Accessories

Open the Accessories folder by clicking on it. Look for the Paint Icon. Right-click the Paint Icon and select Send To → Desktop (creates shortcut)

Okay, now you have Paint handy. Let us see if we can get the Snipping Tool on the desktop, too. Nope, does not work with a right click. Try it again a little differently. Go to Start Menu → Snipping Tool. Do not open, just right-click and select Pin to Task Bar. The Snipping Tool is now located on your task bar at the bottom of your screen. Left click and drag the Paint Icon to the Task Bar. Now we have both our tools together, let's find a Peace Globe to use.

Pick a Peace Globe

Go to and pick out a peace globe template.

You may snip the template with your Snipping Tool or right-click and save link as [name].[jpg]. Make sure you change HTML to .jpg in Snipping Tool.

Here is one I chose. I make sure I have it on my desktop by right clicking on the original on Facebook and saving the graphic to my desktop.Now, shut down Snipping Tool and open Paint.

Explore Paint

Okay, let us look at another screen of Paint.

The Home screen holds many familiar tools, like: Clipboard (cut, copy, paste), Images (crop, resize, rotate), Tools (pencil, paint bucket, text tool, eraser, eye dropper and magnifying glass). Next to the right is the option for brushes. Next are Shapes (all types, outline or fill), Line (or arrow width), Colors (color 1, color 2, all colors, edit colors)

As you can imagine, this page is the most used in Paint. There is, however, one button that can save the day (UNDO). It is at the top left of this screen and looks like an arrow point to the left. The button next to UNDO (REDO) is almost important.

I can see from looking at the rulers that I have some space to enlarge the Peace Globe. I want to add some graphics, the name of my blog, the phrase “Dona Nobis Pacem) and the date.

One Peace Globe

One Last Screen

From the last screen, you may open, close, start new project, email a finished project, print,    Save and Save as. Save as is very important. If you open a graphic and makes changes, Save as [different name].jpg. 

If not, when you Save, you replace the original with the one you created or edited. If you as under a different name, it is easy to try something new using the original graphic. Renaming can be as easy as adding a 1, 2, 3 after the name. (Peace1, Peace2, Peace3.jpg).



Michelle said...

Fantastic! I'm sharing this with everyone I know. :-D

Mimi Lenox said...

BlogBlast For Peace thanks you! This will be so helpful to everyone.
Well done!


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