Thursday, May 19, 2005

Important Information on Safelist Marketing



Opt-in lists, such as safe lists, protect you from complaints about SPAM while allowing you to advertise to thousands. The perfect safelist is one that has responsive members that READ their email. A free source for best performing top-20 safelists is TrafficHoopla.

When signing up for a safelist, you are asked for two email addresses: contact and list. The contact address if to be used by the list owner for list updates and communication about the safelist; the list address is the repository of all the safelist mail sent by other members.

Some list owners use their membership base as their advertising resource. The list owners sell Solo Ads to Contact Addresses to earn money. This is fine if you agree and can opt-out of such mailings. However, combined with the trend detailed below, you will see that the only people really advertising to the safelist members are the ones who pay or the list owner.

Leading a disturbing trend in safelist marketing are lists hosted by listbank, prolisthosting, and emassblast. These safelists do not email the lists, the messages are stored on the server! If you use a submitter like TheSubber, you may not realize that you have signed up for these lists. Basically, the safelist is more of a ffa or classifieds page. This is a waste of time and is ruining a valuable resource.

There are safelists that operate honorably and keep the messages on their server so the list owner can track who reads what ads. This method also cuts down on SPAM complaints and defeats those members who empty their safelist inboxes without reading. These safelists are usually credit-based safelists--you receive credits for reading safelist messages and you need credits to send your message.

The more you know, the better your decisions ...

Eileen Trainor
aka CyberCelt

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