Thursday, September 1, 2005

Survivors Will Be Humilated

I stare at the destruction left behind in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina--brought live to my living room by CNN.

I look at an elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair in 100 degree heat. She wears a face that says my life has never been easy, but I do not know if I will survive this.

She has been without food and water for three days. She is waiting for some official to take charge, someone to tell her and thousands of others that help is on the way.

There is another family standing on top of an apartment building that is holding up a sign that says HELP US. This is the third day I have seen this family signaling for help.

Now snipers are shooting at red-cross helicopters moving patients on life-saving devices to another hospital. They rescued all but one. The doctor helped red cross load the patients; a pocket of humanity.

Against the wall of the convention center, the dead are lined up under sheets. This seems to have shocked the people on CNN most. What do they think people should do, pitch the bodies in the river? The river is also full of corpses.

The mayor of
New Orleans just sent an SOS via an email to CNN. He says that it is impossible situation at the civic center--without food, water, a/c, electricity-- and that anyone that is able is going to walk out in the hopes of meeting relief at least half way. A lot of them are not going to make it.

There are conventioneers trapped at the Ritz Hotel in the French Quarter. They are running out of water and the food is gone. Some doctors who were attending a convention there have formed a clinic for people in the hotel and neighborhood; pockets of civilization remain.

I really cannot believe its happening in America. This is the third day and there has yet to be significant help from the Fedral government. Sheriffs from Wyoming are coming to help keep the peace, but we cannot get a FEMA agent from DC.

Our President came to Florida when the hurricane hit his brother's state, but he has not time until tomorrow or later to make an appearance. He is probably ashamed.

The Congress may reconvene in a few days, when they have time. They had time to meet at midnight to enforce the right to die of Terry Shiavro.

Let us fight for the survivors, the true American who is sitting on a sidewalk, surrounded by filthy flood waters and waiting for help--OUR HELP.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What does Kennedy pay for gas?
Up-starts, up-smarts and other cranks & dilettantes adorn a media scene once renown for excellence, so this journal will attempt to point out the more obvious foibles of the local press to our gentle readers ...
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Anonymous said...

It's funny how you have the resources to move troops anywhere on the world and you can't even help your own people.

K said...

It's so sad

jams crofte said...

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jarmaine said...

This is sad. My family living in our place, Philippines, always experience this kind of tragedy. My kids were traumatic and we are always praying that the government will make some actions for the people not for themselves.


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