Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Be Successful When You Sell ...

A friend asked me how to approach retailers for an online advertising opportunity. I do not think of myself as a salesperson; rather, the items I market are the items I use or in which I am interested. After much thought, I put these following tips together.

Know Your Product, Be Yourself and Build Relationships

Connect Through Friends and Family
  • Tell everyone you know about what you are doing.
  • Give everyone at least 3 cards so they can pass the on if opportunity arises.
  • Ask them if they can think of anyone who might be interested in buying advertising.
  • If they give you a lead, make note of the name and who referred you.

Connect With Community
  • Take your business cards everywhere you go.
  • Leave business card on the counter whenever you patronize a business.
  • Post business cards on bulletin boards and drop in bowl for free lunch prizes.
  • Post flyers wherever allowed.

Collect Cold Leads
  • Check the newspaper for businesses openings and send a welcome to the community card and enclose your STA business card or flyer.
  • Use Search It! tool to locate local businesses.
  • Discover directories, either online or in library
  • Get list of major employers in the area from chamber of commerce.
  • Ask if they will give/sell labels for their members to you.

Make Initial Contact
  • I would suggest you telephone the company and ask for the title and the name (correct spelling) of the advertising manager.
  • If you cannot connect to him/her, ask the person you did reach how to best share this information with the ad mgr.
  • When they help you, and they will if you ask nicely, thank them and get their information.
  • Send a little card or email saying thank you to that person.
  • Follow up with ad mgr.

  • Get a telephone headset.
  • Use any opportunity to introduce yourself and the business.
  • Try to build relationships and not sell advertising and you will do well.
  • Organize your list in database, Outlook, Word document or on index cards.
  • Set reasonable goals like I will contact three new leads each day.
  • Practice what you will say to a rude NO, answer questions, and counter objections.
  • Write these notes down on index cards or in your calendar for easy access.
  • Setup a reminder system for follow-up (tickler file).
  • Join chamber of commerce, hold the open house, go to meet and greets, volunteer.
You notice I did not go into lead capture pages, buying leads or building a downline. While these are all worthwhile in marketing, they are not my style. Find a method of marketing with which you are comfortable and you will succeed.



Hamish said...

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Best Regards,

Hamish Hayward
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Solomon Folks said...

Great list. We actually created our service, My Tickler File, for the mobile salesperson or executive. Following up is the most important part of the sales process.

Solomon Folks


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