Thursday, December 22, 2005

Streaming and Downloading Video Now Mainstream

A new report from comScore Networks, State of the Consumer Streaming Market, found that consumers ages 35 to 54 years old accounted for more than 45 percent of all online video watched in August 2005.

Other noteworthy items from the report:

In one month, 100M+ users in the US download or view online digital media streams. This represents almost 60 percent of the US online population.

More viewing takes place in the day and during primetime and all types of people comprise this online audience.

Almost 2/3 of all US Internet users in August streamed audio or video through a portal and almost 50 percent did so from an entertainment site.

More than 17 percent of US Internet users streamed content from a Music site and 15 percent streamed from a Retail site.

Erin Hunter, senior VP of comScore Networks Media and Entertainment Solutions, commented:
Publishers are using innovative approaches to deliver their content, using high-quality video product clips, music videos, movie trailers, full news broadcasts to engage their consumer. This creates a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to capitalize on what is now a mainstream audience.

In the following weeks, I will discuss various ways savvy marketers may take advantage of this news.

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