Monday, March 27, 2006

Blogger Status Elevated to Expert by Search Engines?

Yahoo! has added Local (beta) for reading the news about the area in which you live. When you arrive at this page, note the search bar right above your area news. The choices given are search: All News and Blogs, Yahoo! News Only, News Photos, Audio/Video. The status of bloggers has just been elevated to news source.

Podzinger is indexing podcasts and video clips. Podzinger lets you search audio clips, skipping to the portion of the clip where your search term is spoken. Watch what you say on your podcast--search engines keep indexes forever.

Google Finance, which is in beta, provides financial information on company stocks with interactive charts, news, search on mutual funds, stocks, and company information, and discussion boards. If you want the opinions of citizen journalists, you got 'em; Google Finance includes company-related postings from Google Blog Search. Bloggers as financiers. I like it!

Do you think these are just quirks or do they signal a real shift in the perception of the influence of bloggers on advertising, marketing and promotion?


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