Sunday, March 26, 2006

Firefox: Productivity, Function and Fun

The Mozilla Firefox browser has many useful features, such as tabbed browsing and toolbar searching, that work without any add-ons, extensions, search engines or themes. However, if you like to explore new technology and to expand your knowledge and use of the Internet, this site is for you.

Add-ons for FireFox:
  • Extensions, like the BOOKMARK button or FLASHGOT, add new functionality to Firefox.
  • Plugins allow you to view web content, like Adobe PDFs or media clips, in your browser.
  • Add popular or specialized search engines to the Firefox search toolbar.
  • Skin your browser with themes.
Below are a few searches I use to locate new tools on the site.
If you use Firefox, you really should spend 30 minutes exploring this site. Some add-ons you will love, not all will work perfectly, now and then your computer will freeze and you will have to uninstall a plugin. On the whole, my experience has been positive.

Have a better day tomorrow!


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