Thursday, April 27, 2006

Natural Search Engine Marketing and You

Latest research by Jupiter Research and sponsored by iProspect found that 62 percent of search engine users click a search result on the first page of results and 90 percent click a search result within the first three pages of results.

The research found that 88 percent of users will change engines or their search term if they do not find what they seek on the first three pages of search results.

When unsuccessful in their search, 82 percent of search engine users conduct another search using the same search engine, refining their search with more specific keywords and key phrases. If they do not find the answer on the first page of the refined search results, 41 percent of these users change search engines or search terms.

Not surprising is the finding that 36 percent of search engine users believe that top brands and companies are listed at the top of the search results. In a previous study (2005), Jupiter Research found that 87 percent of commercial clicks take place on the natural (obtained through website optimization) search results, not sponsored (bid for placement) search results.

As searchers develop preferences for a particular search engine and begin to use keywords and key phrases that are more specific, marketers will need to target these more specific key words and key phrases.

This research tends to confirm that marketers need to spend more time on natural search engine optimization and spend less money on pay per click campaigns like Google AdWords.

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