Saturday, July 8, 2006

Cool Blog of the Week : DaddyPlace

The Cool Blog of the Week is DaddyPlace blog, which is just one facet of a NEW website dedicated to Dads called DaddyPlace has forums, an arcade, the blog, and helpful articles and links. The founder, Keith, explains: came about because there really wasn't a place for dads and guys to go to talk about the important stuff that we want to talk about. This site is for dads and guys that wish to talk about and discuss guy stuff. There really isn't anything that you can't discuss here. Just remember everyone has opinions and views and we are not here to change them, just here to talk about and discuss them. I really have high hopes for this site and I truly hope that it takes off with a bang.
Register at DaddyPlace blog to become a writer for the blog. Sign up at for the forum, arcade and future enhancements. DaddyPlace will be an excellent resource for new fathers, single fathers, fathers with joint custody, fathers with a problem or fathers just wanting to talk about guy stuff.

Everything is easier if it is shared and that is exactly the purpose of DaddyPlace. Join today and become part of the DaddyPlace community. Tell Keith that CyberCelt sent you.


Keith said...

Thank you very much for those kind words about Daddyplace. I couldn't have discribed it anybetter. Thanks!

David said...

I've been a DaddyPlace regular for a while now and it's a great place for Dads... come see what it's all about!


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