Thursday, August 3, 2006

Cool Blog : Fixing Foibles and Follies

Cool Blog of the Week is Fixing Foibles and Follies : Emerging Internet trends. Alternative energy. Sustainable business. Sliced and diced daily.

Jonathan Shaw is a brilliant young man with an education in philosophic thought, an interest in entrepreneurship, topped by a background in training, human resources, and web development. He will be starting school to attain an MBA next semester.

Mr. Shaw describes his blog:
This blog is a warm and personable review of issues Im particularly fascinated with, namely: How can business become more environmentally sustainable and socially equitable? How can technology improve personal productivity and well-being? And how is the Web affecting identity and community development?

As you can see, philosophy has definitely colored his world. I am glad. As a baby boomer with an environmental activist bent, I have often worried about who will take up the causes when all the old activisits die off. After reading Fixing Foibles and Follies, I do not think I have to worry. The Mr. Shaws of the world will fix the mess that will be left to them.

For those of you that are Linkedin, check his profile there. Please visit Fixing Foibles and Follies by clicking on the thumbnail to the right. Tell Jonathan that CyberCelt sent you.

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Jonathan said...

Thank you very much for your kind words!


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