Friday, August 11, 2006

Cool Blog : Sensational Sites

The Cool Blog of the Week is Sensational Sites. Quinn lives in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and is probably NOT trying to survive 100+ degree heat. I feel cooler just thinking about it.

The Cool Blog, Sensational Sites, is a compendium of websites and blogs that will amaze you. I think my favorites are the Elastic Enthusiastic and Painted Room Illusions. No, I am not linking to them, you will have to discover them for yourself!

With a Blog Explosion nickname like circusstreet, you may guess that he is a big fan of the big top. Quinn Spicker is the webmaster of Circus-Street, an online community for circus artists and their fans, and has written a short history of the circus.

Please visit Sensational Sites by clicking the blog thumbnail. You may find it above the big blue arrow (*LOL*). Please explore the site and leave a comment or two.

Tell Quinn that CyberCelt sent you.

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