Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cool Blog : One Man Bandwidth Blog

OneManBandWidth blog picture of the Great Wall of China
The cool blog of the week is One Man Bandwidth Blog : An American Professor in China. This is one of the blogs I love to read. You never know about what you will be reading when you visit.

Lon shares his thoughts on the Chinese culture with anecdotes and events that will shock, amuse and trouble you. Lon has totally immersed himself into life in China. He has adopted causes, like the Chinese League of Extraordinary Chinese Women, a group of cancer survivors.

He discusses organ selling on the open market, the cost of a wedding in China (roughly a year's salary), bird flu (or not), oddities like the man with no pores and the coma bride. He contrasts and compares Chinese and American students, and the American students lose.

Lon also belongs to the Carnival of Banned Blogs and is often misquoted by Chinese newspapers. Suspend your way of thinking and visit OneManBandwidth. Tell Lon that CyberCelt sent you.


Lonnie said...

Thanks for the class intro!

I read a blog last week that had just linked to me and he paranthetically said, after touting my stuff, (odd blog this one)....

Greetings from China...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my Blog. . .come back and visit!

Green Earth said...

Calling over to say hi for click and comment Monday, with best wishes, The Artist


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