Friday, October 27, 2006

Social Networking Big Hit with Teens

From Nielsen/NetRatings:

Over the past three years, teens (12-17) have gravitated toward sites that offer social networking, content such as lyrics, graphics for profiles and tools for profile page design. This is a definite shift from sites offering a free IM buddy icons.

In September 2003, the number one site among teens was, with teens composing 77.6 percent of its unique audience. At that time, and Badass Buddy also made it into the top 10 sites among teens. Blunt Truth, a forum for sharing opinions on movies and music, and Teen People, a celebrity gossip magazine, were also popular with teens.

In September of this year, nine out of the top ten teen sites were social networking sites or sites offering content (graphics, lyrics, page layouts) to enhance profiles for social networking sites. ranked number one with 68.4 percent of the teen audience. Snapvine, which offers a voice player for social networking sites, ranked number two (67.6 percent), followed by (60.6 percent).

Teens also spend more time online then they did in September 2003 (21 hours and 4 minutes per week)to 26 hours and 48 minutes in September of this year, an increase of 27 percent.

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