Monday, January 22, 2007

Fear and Loathing in Second Life

If you wondered what goes on in the virtual game world of Second Life, I suggest you read Second Look At Second Life, by Shankar Gupta, posted on Gaming Insider. I was able to glean the following points from the article, after following the links and reading the related blogposts and articles.

Second Life has been called out for inflating membership count, for being a potential money laundering scheme, for becoming a haven for terrorists, for existing as a PONZI scheme with unsustainable growth.

Now, civil unrest, as staged by avatars, has destroyed the virtual headquarters of Front National. This virtual riot ended as the Martin Luther King Jr. sun rose over the land of porcupine and a gambling casino opened where FN once stood.

Next, sex, as staged by avatars, while onlookers try frantically to teleport out of the room. Virtual cheating, but its okay because its not real (only in his mind--echoes of Jimmy Carter).

What does the future hold? Avatar love? Virtual crime scenes? Maybe a virtual Judge Judy? Is there not enough wrong in this life, that we have to invent a virtual world in which we make the same mistakes?

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