Friday, February 9, 2007

Social Network of Puzzle Solving Women

I found an interesting online game site. Winster offers innovative puzzle games designed to develop a sense of community rather than competition. Winster ensures positive social networking by allowing players to help other players win prizes.

That's right! Players cooperate to help each other win prizes, rather than compete. I like this! I love puzzles, but I do not like competing under pressure, with the clock ticking down seconds. Call me a weenie, but I think competitive sports and games have a lot to do with how badly people act towards each other. I was a soccer mom for many years, so I have seen the dark side of competition, usually from the parents! LOL

Go to Winster - the Win-Win Game Site. Register and then you pick the prize you want before you start to play. As you complete different parts of the puzzle, you are awarded points toward your prize. If you have an extra or unwanted puzzle piece, you may trade pieces with another player or just give the puzzle piece away. Wow! What a way to make friends. This other player may win their prize by using your piece on their own game board. Better yet, you do not lose anything by helping another player. Win-win!

Sign up for a free two-week trial membership today. If you like Winster, you may want to purchase a monthly membership, ranging from $4.99-$9.99, depending on how long you want to play per day.

You will probably win your free prize within about 30 minutes of starting your trial membership. The free prizes that I saw were a half-pound box of See's Candy or 2 free tickets to any movie on Fandango.

Winster is destined to become a big social network of puzzle-solving women, cooperatively working to win prizes and make friends. Discover non-competitive gaming today at Winster, the sponsor of this post.

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