Monday, March 12, 2007

Where the Wild Things Are: Kids Driving

I have decided I am going to invest in a Driver's Education DVD program for my son and all his friends. My son does not drive, but he needs to learn. He plans to just go down and take the test and get his license when he turns 18. He does not want to be bothered with driver's education. All of his friends have cars, but not one of them can keep one for more than three months.

In the past year, my son's friend #1 (male) has wrecked three work pickup trucks for his uncle. He was then given a car by his father; he was caught driving without a license within 24 hours. My son's other friend #2 (male) has been arrested twice for driving under the influence, so he has lost his license, hopefully for good. Then #2's girlfriend (female) started driving him around, but she wrecked her car because she was text messaging while driving!

I am not making this up. It is too stupid to be fiction. These kids do not know how to drive. If they completed Driver's Education in school, they must have cheated. For $34.95, I can purchase Rules of the Road, a Driver's Education DVD that contains seven interactive video lessons.

The course covers: Driver's Education Basics, like do not text message while driving; City and Residential Driving Lessons, like how to yield the right-a-way to other drivers instead of playing chicken; The Driver's Exam, like how to pass it the first time; Highway Driving, like do not speed through 5 counties with an expired inspection sticker; Safety Tips for Normal Conditions, like driving with your eyes open and your head clear; Hazardous Conditions, like do not drive when friend #1, #2 or #3 are on the road; and Drug and Alcohol Awareness, like do not partake and drive...AGAIN.

This is an award-winning course and you may purchase it from, the sponsor of this post. The only downside I saw is that this course does not take the place of certified Driver's Education. That is okay. They all need remediation. LOL

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