Sunday, April 29, 2007

Accountancy Services in the UK has started offering a new service that will enable business owners to find quality Accountancy Services when they are needed, on a part-time or seasonal basis.

Not only will this service save you money by helping you to find the best service for less, but also you will save time because does most of the work for you. Try the service by just completing a short form on the website. Soon you will receive four no-obligation quotes for the services you need.

This is a perfect service for home-based businesses, freelance artists and trade people, a small local business or a PLC. Visit JustAccountants, sponsor of this post, for more information. If you are an accountant, you should register with


Jess said...

That's a quite interesting site for accountants and business owners. Where do you find these sites?! ;)

CyberCelt said...

@jess - these are sponsored posts, paid for by the advertiser. However, each website is vetted by me personally before I post. I do not want to lose credibility with my readers.

Svend said...

thats good that you review your material and companies before hand. A lot of people are just taking the money and posting whatever. So basically thanks for your good ethics and recommending stuff that actually is a good product or service

CyberCelt said...

@svend-Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your thoughts. I do have ethics and they do matter to me.

şömine said...

I think so good thank you for sharing


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