Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bar Codes for Advertising in Japan

eMarketer.com - Shoppers Fuel Japanese Mobile Ads
Barcode readers in mobile phones are becoming one of the most prevalent new applications embraced by consumers. An NPD Group report titled "Japan Consumer Wireless Study" found that that barcode readers had eclipsed location-based services and radio applications as the mobile features most commonly used by consumers in Japan
Japanese consumers visit four retailers, on average, while researching a product, so Japan has become a leader in developing quick response (QR) code technology, something similar to bar codes.

In Japan, if you see an advertisement for a product in a magazine or on a subway wall, you look for the QR code and swipe it with your cell phone. Later, at your convenience, you may view the information that was embedded in the advertisement on your cell phone.

For awhile, retailers in the USA were talking about using the radio frequency identification device (RFID) to sense and serve ads to you based on what you purchased or what credit cards you carried. No one was happy with the thought of Wal-Mart scanning your wallet as you stepped in the door. On the other hand, QR code technology is non-invasive. You scan/request information that is served to you.

What do you think? Would you use the bar code to shop around and compare?


Greenearth said...

Have to be honest and say I am a bit over all of this dependence on mobile phones. Have one in my car in case I break down but would prefer to use the yellow pages and my land line to get information when I need it.

chase said...

That is so nice since I am quite dependent when it comes to mobile phones

Roger said...

Hi there,
To greenearth: strange, why use something which you do not have nearby. A cell phone is always there:)

QR Codes
Well QR Codes started also to pop up in Europe and on Nokia phones:

QR Code in Europe

Nokia Beta Lab (QR Code and Datamatrix)

Kaywa Reader

Jess said...

Wow, that's quite convienent, but still, a phone is a phone! :)

CyberCelt said...

@greenearth-I am with you. I hate phones, period. I guess because I have had jobs where I did most of the work on the phone. I think I have a permanent crick in my neck. LOL

@chase-have you seen anything like this barcode deal where you live?

@roger-you are entitled to your opinion and winsome is entitled to her opinion. Play nice. I left your links in, so you will have some nice linkbacks from your comments.

@jess-until they make a cell phone that comes with a built in assistant, like a genie, email is still the best way to contact me. ;-)

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