Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coupons Stretch Your Shopping Dollars

With gasoline costing $2.75 per gallon and a loaf of bread costing over $1, I have found that my shopping dollars just do not stretch to buy everything for my household. Coupons provide one way to stretch my shopping dollars. I found one coupon site,, that has almost 11,000 coupon codes from over 3,000 merchants. You may search by keyword, such as digital camera, or by merchant, such as Dell Outlet. The first search returned over jtwo pages of coupons; the second search returned an entire page of results. receives valuable codes from many of their partners that you will not find anywhere else on the web. These merchants give the codes to because it is one of the oldest coupon sites on the Internet and does not charge the merchants as much as other coupons sites.

Everyone loves finding a great deal!, sponsor of this post, has created an entire community of people searching for and posting coupons to help each other. Social networking and saving money--it is a great idea and a great site!

Stretch your dollars and get full value for your money, at

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Jess said...

That's a good coupon site, and whenever you need to buy online, always Google around for coupons! I usually just put in the company + coupon and do a search, that seems the easiest, but I definitely bookmarked!

Thanks! :)

CyberCelt said...

@jess-thanks for the tip. I have just recently started looking for coupons. I noticed in my visitor stats that people search for "coupons".

Jess said...

No problem...I made that mistake when I ordered something online and forgot to Google around for coupons. I could've saved a couple of bucks, haha. There are tons of coupon sites online, and some coupon sites have exclusive coupons just for that site, so make sure to look around! :)

Coupons said...

I agree with Jess ( also thanks ), that's a great coupon site. Thanks for the tip also :)


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