Wednesday, April 4, 2007

For a Good Car and a Great Cause!

Did you know that every 30 seconds two children become orphans? There are more than 100 millions orphans worldwide. There are an estimated 65 million orphans in Asia alone and another 10 Million in Mexico.

Did you ever equate buying or selling a used car with helping homeless children? The owners of did just this. Christian and Stefanie Sanchez based their business model on funding a private charity while providing a no cost service to the buyers and the sellers of automobiles. allows you, me or the largest car dealership in Texas, to list and sell vehicles at no cost throughout the USA and Canada. The website will generate income by selling advertising, which will provide marketers with access to members of highly coveted segments of an extremely active market.

What makes and their Free Used Car Classifieds site so different is that the business was established to benefit Natalia's House, an orphanage founded this year by Christian and Stefanie Sanchez. The plan is to dedicate 70 percent of all site profits to buying the land, to building the orphanage, and to providing food, clothing, education and a safe place for many children in Mexico, then Asia, then the world.

So, make a difference today. Use, the sponsor of this post, to buy and sell your automobiles. If you want to advertise to this market, you may purchase advertising on the website. Either way, you will be assisting Christian and Stefanie Sanchez in helping others.

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Karen said...

They have a great idea! I wonder why so many children become orphans. That number is astounding.

Jess said...

Now that's doing something good. I'll definitely spread the word!

Mr. Fabulous said...

That is a really cool idea. It's nice to see good works happening.


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