Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Boomers Rule

Boomer Boon: 'Crazy Aunts and Uncles' Spend $1.7 Trillion : Try Telling That to a 24-year-old Media Planner in Advertising Age (4/02/07).
The ad business is woefully out of touch with baby-boomer buying power. Young ad people think older people are stuck in their ways, so it's a waste of money to try to get them to change brands. But at the What's Next Boomer Business Summit, AARP's chief brand officer said 60% of people over 40 research different brands before making decisions...
Interesting article as follow up to Boomers and Third Age (see last post).
Barron's estimates a prime-time TV show with most of its viewers in the 34-to-49 range can get 30% more per ad minute than one that caters to people 55 and older. Yet consumers age 50 and up already spend more than $1.7 trillion on goods and services a year, and the 78 million baby boomers are richer than any group in history...
We may be wrinkled and old, but we have more money than any other generation before us. And y'all thought we were stuck in the 60s.

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Jess said...

Those articles really made me think. We do currently have a lot of money! That's crazy.


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