Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is Your Website Ready for Mobile?

A leading search engine marketing company, iCrossing, released How American Searches: Mobile.

Here are some stats that you might find useful:
  • 43 percent of smart phone users go online daily; 27 percent go online several times a week.

  • 22 percent of other device users go online daily; 23 percent go online several time a week.

  • 27 percent of daily smart phone owners use mobile search daily; 31 percent use mobile search several times each week.

  • 16 percent of other device owners use mobile search daily; 25 percent use mobile search several times each week.

  • 52 percent of mobile owners do not use online search more often due to high-priced data plans.

  • 69 percent of mobile searchers preferred a 3rd party engine to the query box built into the cell phone interface.

  • 90 percent of mobile searchers use Google, 46 percent also use Yahoo and 19 percent use MSN.

  • 84 percent of mobile searchers stated that they expect the websites they use to have destinations designed for mobile users.
Let me get this straight. Individuals who bought a smart phone are going online and searching more than regular cell phone users. Google has wrapped up mobile search. Web designers better get ready for mobile searchers. If mobile users spend their data plan minutes finding your website, you better be ready! Download the mobile search study findings from iCrossing.

Do you have a mobile landing page or other site on your blog or website for mobile users? If not, do you plan on building one? Can we get a widget? LOL


Jess said...

Those stats are really shows how popular all these devices are!

Cade said...

This is very interesting. I am surprised about some of these stats, but it shows how much our society has changed to a mobile world.

Jess said...

I agree cade, they're quite surprising stats and I had to read them over to make sure I was reading them correctly!

Court said...

I had no idea that people used mobile phones to browse that much. I need to make sure my site works properly with mobile. Thanks for valuable information!

CyberCelt said...

@jess-Thanks for stopping by.

@cade-Hello! Maybe I should go check my stats!?

@court-something else for us to worry about, eh?


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