Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bid4Prizes : Unique Game Site

Bid4Prizes is a new game site. Win auctions by being the lowest unique bid. Here is what you do. First, you become a member of Bid4Prizes. Then you bid on great products like a Plasma TV, iPhone, ScionXB, game console, computer and other great prizes.

Find a prize you want, but instead of bidding and paying retail, you bid, say 50 cents via cell phone or online. You are notified if your bid is either low, high, unique or duplicate. Using game tips that are sent to you by Bid4Prizes, you try to place the lowest unique bid. If you do, you win the prize. A unique bid is a bid that one player has bid and can be any amount from one cent or more. If you win, you pay nothing except for shipping costs and taxes due to the IRS.

If I bid on a prize and win it from bid4prizes, I think it would be the ScionXB. My son is leaving for college in the fall and he will need a car. If he does not want it, I will keep it. I have never had a new car!


Jess said...

That's quite an interesting site, and you should check out this site too:

I think that's how you spell it, haha, but right now there's an iPod Shuffle bid going on, and since they're in beta testing, it's free. So that means if you are the lowest unique bid, you don't have to pay anything!

Thanks for the site! :)

CyberCelt said...

@jess-I'll check it out. Thanks.


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