Thursday, April 12, 2007

Would You Like to Earn 6 Percent on Your Savings?

Would you like to be able to get the highest interest rate for all your savings and money market accounts? With access to the Internet, it is now quick and easy to find banks and other entities that offer direct-to-consumer online banking products, like high-yield savings and money market accounts.

Did you know that rates for some savings accounts are as high as 6 percent? Some of the banks that offer these great interest rates require a large deposit or monthly minimum balance. Yet others have no minimums and no monthly fees. Most of us are earning much lower interest rates because we have become complacent (and used to the low interest rates)., the sponsor of this post, is a new service that researches, compares and posts the particulars for the best savings and money market interest rates. Compare online banking savings accounts and find a new savings account or checking account that earns more interest today with

Every industry is competitive. Why should banking be any different? Banks should work for our business and we should be able to transfer our money easily to a different bank offering better service, less fees, and higher interest.


Jess said...

Now that's an interesting site. Thanks!

CyberCelt said...

@Jess-you are going to win the contest, I think.


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