Sunday, May 6, 2007

If You Hate Numbers, Like I Hate Numbers . . .

Accounting Paradise is a full service accounting and bookkeeping service. Accounting Paradise is designed for the owners of small to medium businesses, including home-based businesses, who require the services of a bookkeeper for payroll or other accounting tasks, but do not want to hire another employee.

Accounting Paradise will set up a book keeping system that you can understand and use if you decide to take on bookkeeping in the future. They will even train your or a new employee in using the system. The supported accounting package is QuickBooks Online Edition. The accounting access is free and is included in your QuickBooks Online subscription. This enables the work to be done without interrupting your work.

For detailed information, visit the Why Us web page for Accounting Paradise, sponsor of this post.


Chris said...

You know I am one of the few who dislike numbers. When ever doing math related taks, I never seem to have enough fingers and toes to complete it!

Hey, great site and thanx for checking mine out

Keep on Jammin'


CyberCelt said...

@chris-..."finger and toes" ! I am not that bad, yet. Thanks for stopping by.


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