Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Search Engines Wars

Will Yahoo buy MySpace? Will new faces at Yahoo! take a chance, a big chance?

eBay advertising with Google again on limited basis and to begin advertising on all search engines.

Search Engine Marketing Blog by ineedhits: Yahoo! to Acquire MySpace for 25% Stake - read complete article here

From the article:
According to the Silicon Valley rumor mill, Fox Interactive, a division of News Corp., has dangled social network icon MySpace in front of the Yahoo! board to tempt them into selling a 25% share of the company. While MySpace carries a significant amount of traffic, the jury's out whether it's worth the price tag.
EBay to resume ads on Google, but rely on rivals | Consumer Products & Retail | Reuters - read complete article here

From the article:
Hani Durzy, a spokesman for San Jose, California-based eBay, said his company later on Friday would begin advertising on Google, but at reduced levels than previously. EBay had been buying tens of millions of keyword ads on Google each year.

Bill Tancer - Hitwise US: eBay's Experiment - An Update - see graphs of eBay traffic from Google without the benefit of Sponsored Listings. Visits from Google decreased, but overall traffic volume did not suffer.

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Andy said...

I am scared by the way Google monopolizes the market.


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