Friday, August 17, 2007

Beware of the Google Cobalts

MediaPost Publications - The GoogleBalt's Great American Road Trip: Five Street-View Optimization Tips - 08/17/2007 - read entire post

From the post:
The Street View feature was added to Google Maps in May, and it shows a full 360-degree view of locations at the street level, captured by one of the many roving Cobalts equipped with rooftop cameras – sort of like Google Earth at the ground level.

Some surprising items have been captured by the cameras. Marijuana growing on a window sill; people scratching, changing clothes, adjusting body parts and relieving themselves; private moments that should not have been public. In fact, the article refers to shades and blinds as the new robots.txt and as close to noindex/nofollow as you are likely to get.

There is a website for the not ready for publication pictures at

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