Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Does Search Engine Marketing Scare You?

Dorian Birkoil scared the h*ll out of some marketers with his article last week: When Will Programmable and Semantic Search Replace Spiders and Web Crawling? -- Jack Myers Media Village
Google's new system, say the experts, will add layers of context, delve into rich media and make search results increasingly relevant to individual users. Carefully reading five patents Google applied for earlier this year, Bear Stearns analysts identify Google's next step as the Programmable Search Engine (PSE).

This week, Search Insider addresses some of the theories that came out of that report in this post on Search Insider » Blog Archive » Evolving Requirements For SEO.
Requirements for SEO would be anathema to the search engines. It would create a hierarchy of haves and have-nots, and it would also create new headaches for the search engines. Their goal is to index everything on the Web and then organize it by what’s relevant for each query.

I have a feeling that the truth is betwixt the two. As search engine marketing (SEM) becomes more complex, I see the search engines refining their methods and website owners and search engine optimization (SEO) firms doing more and more to get their content out there.

Until Jill Whalen tells me I need to do something, I will just keep rocking along.

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