Friday, August 24, 2007

End of an Age? Ads on YouTube!

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From the article:
Some complain that the ads, which appear on the bottom fifth of the page, cut off other viewers’ written comments, while others are asking how to opt out of the ads. Some have simply announced they intend to abandon the site.

Marketers are paying $20 CPMs to display their advertisements. YouTube is limiting ads to content partners due to copyright issues. So you will not see advertisements on questionable videos.

Free services must be paid for by someone. It was only a matter of time before YouTube videos were monetized in some way. There is a lot of white space on YouTube, so I keep expecting to see Google Ads on the web site. I did see banners for MSN search!? What is next? Paying us for searching on their engine? Hey, now that dog will hunt . . . LOL

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