Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What Shopping Gene Do You Have?

AMP Agency recently surveyed over 3K women (age 18-49) to discover how women approach shopping. They determined that how a woman approaches shopping remains the same regardless of changes in age, socio-economic status, number of children at home, geographical location or life stage.

Read the article: Research Brief » Blog Archive » Women’s Mind-Set Defines Shopping Habits

From the article:

The report states that there are distinct approaches to shopping, and identified and segmented women across four distinct mind-sets or "Shopping Genes" :

  • The Content Responsibles (Practical, Loyal, Efficient)
  • The Natural Hybrids (Confident, Balanced, Classic)
  • The Social Catalysts (Social, Smart, Trendy)
  • The Cultural Artists (Creative, Impulsive, Adventurous)
Download the PDF of Women Amplified (Unraveling her shopping DNA: AMP Agency Reveals Four Lifelong Shopping Mind-Sets) from AMP Agency.

This study finds that we are born with shopping behaviors, and they are set in stone. I disagree, but see what you think.

When I was young, I was a Social Catalyst. As I aged and then became a mother, I turned into a Social Hybrid. Now I am a Content Responsible. I have never been a Cultural Artist; mostly, I believe, because I have never had money to burn.

Which reminds me, where do thrift shoppers fall in these categories? We are the women who take atavistic pleasure in finding the designer dress or shoes at Goodwill, and find it extremely relaxing to spend a day fingering the remnants of other people's lives.

What mindset are you?


Education Blogger said...

Awesome...! I would bet I'm probably a "social catalyst"... but I'll have to take the quiz to find out officially... That is interesting, though. I would bet that we are genetically inclined to shop a certain way, since shopping habits can reflect personalities and other character traits. Very interesting.

CyberCelt said...

@education blogger-Thanks for visiting. I followed you to your blog. Good information. I forwarded the how to survive first year college article to my son.


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