Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free Mobile Minutes for Watching Ads

Back in May of 2006, I wrote an article called Engagement and free premium services via Ultramercials on Advertising for Success blog. No one thought that scheme would work.

Today I saw this article: MediaPost Publications - Will Watch Ads For Minutes - 08/23/2007

From the article:
At Virgin Mobile's Sugar Mama program, there is a hard value placed on the time a visitor spends with a sponsor's ad. . . Users of the youth-oriented carrier come to the Virgin Mobile site, view ads from Ultramercial, and get pre-pay credits to their wireless account. . . According to Ultramercial, over 425,000 customers subscribe to the program, which has given away over 10 million free minutes. . . about 1,000 new users sign up a day.

This is incredible. I am going to tell my son about Sugar Mama. When he turns 18, his phone is coming off my bill that day! Let me see, if he receives one minute of air time for each one minute spent viewing an ad, then he would only have to view ads for about 30 minutes per day to get his 1000 minutes each month.

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