Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogger Updated Again

Blogger is now owned by Google, the dev team has implemented some updates lately that have helped bring blogspot blogs into the 21st century.

First there were customizable templates, page elements (widgets), categories, separate feeds for comments and posts, and autosaving of posts.

Somewhere around that time, font and text size changes within the post became possible with drop down menus added to compose tool bar.

Then polls, enclosures for podcasts, and the ability to specify a URL to which Blogger will redirect your feed traffic were added. Changing your comment to your blog commenters on the secure page that has, until now, been sacrosanct, is possible.

Now, there is video uploading with the ease of photo uploading with acceptable formats of AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real and Windows Media, and 100 MB maximum size. This will put your video in Blogger-branded video player on your site.

I believe that covers the recent changes. There is a Buzz Blog for updates, but not all the updates are discussed, like the eraser. The eraser is a tool that removes all formatting from the text selected. Anyone who has copied and pasted from Word or a website has experienced the frustration of having to view the HTML and fix it manually.

Now if we could just have trackbacks and Technorati tags without contortions and third-party plugins, I would be so happy. While I am making my wish list, how about a similar posts plugin. As a do-follow blogger, I give away a lot of link juice. I would like to refresh my supply. LOL


Talia Mana said...

Agree on the similar posts

I sometimes manually add "related posts" underneath posts but lately I haven't had the time

Also as mentioned on your other blog I would love to be able to schedule posts in advance

I've been using the polls and other features but I feel like they add all the flash gimmicky features and overlook essentials such as trackbacks and scheduling posts.

The custom domain does at least make it easy for me to switch to wordpress when I get sick of waiting for blogger to get their act together !

CyberCelt said...

@talia-scheduling posts would be great. Some people do it by phone or email, but its hard enough to post on blogger when you are right there at your dashboard!


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